Project Economics / Cost Analysis Develop a financial proforma to determine the economic feasibility / profit potential of the project.

Site Due Diligence
Research and report on the local code, permitting procedures, and, or technical obstacles based on the site selected for the project.

Lease Document Review
Review and report on particulars within the lease that can impact the project and make recommendations to mitigate any
risks discovered.

Program Management In collaboration with the client and with an eye to meeting the agreed objectives, document the key steps, time line and critical
path to success for the project. Provide an outline of roles and responsibilities and a system to assure compliance throughout the life of the project.

Pre-construction Management Outline the purchasing requirements and scheduling of all trades contractors, vendors and resources in order to ensure the timely completion of the project.

Construction Document Review Review all construction documents and specifications. Furnish recommendations regarding alternatives as necessary to achieve both the integrity of the design and the budget.

Construction Bidding and Negotiation Prepare bid document packages and instructions review all bids and make recommendations regarding the awarding of the contract.

Creative Brief / Design / Furniture / Fixture Manual Produce a comprehensive manual identifying key design elements, such as furniture,
fixtures, logo treatment, etc. for the record or for subsequent projects.

Construction Management Provide construction site management, progress reports, and resolve conflicts on site. Ensure that the work complies with the project documents. Review all contractor invoices. Provide financial summary and project close out reports.


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